21-month-old Marin

Marin’s favorite color is blue. Almost everytime she goes potty, she tries to pick out the blue stickers to put on her Potty Chart.

On that note, Marin is fully poop potty trained for the last 3 months, and is working hard to get there with pee pee. She can have few accidents when her diaper is off, but once her diaper or big girl panties are on, she isn’t nearly as mindful of her functions. We’re traveling now with a portable potty in our trunk, and I’m hoping she will be fully potty trained well before the baby comes to help prevent potty regression.

Marin is generally mild-tempered, but when she adamantly says ‘no!’ hastily, she knows she wasn’t nice, and will give a sympathy kiss to cover it up with kindness. I see what you did there.





Puddle loving

It was all we could do to not steal this dog and take him home with us. Marin loved Pepper.



Just incase you can’t tell – Marin hates pictures. If she sees my camera, phone or DSLR, we typically get this reaction. Oh well, it was nice having a baby to take pictures of while it lasted.


We spent a weekend with 6 other toddlers (all right around Marin’s age) hiking and camping (pictures above), and I have come to appreciate a few things about her as her:

She is not going to be our troublemaker. She doesn’t like to get hurt, and when she sees other kids falling or hurting themselves (from her perspective), she will constantly ask them “ok?”.
She is very touchy, or as I like to think, sweet and sensitive. If she bumps or falls on anything, tears can be expected even if she’s ‘fine’. For this reason (or so I think), she is pretty pensive and cautious before starting something new.
She doesn’t understand aggressive behavior. It upsets her *so much* if there is a kid hitting or biting her because it’s so against her style. I’ve seen her push a kid once – when they backed up onto her feet. It’ll be interesting to see how she eventually interacts with a sibling, but she is a natural nurturer which I find completely adorable. She’s already a great big sister and gives my belly lots of kisses.

Marin has boundaries. She doesn’t like someone coming too close to her – as in, walking by us on the sidewalk or a kid going up the stairs at the playground at the same time. She screams ‘nooooooo!’ the second they’re headed her direction. We’re working on it…

Marin goes regularly to library story times and traveling playgroups (at least to each once a week), but she is not a big fan of large crowds. She is very standoffish when other kids are jumping into a bin of toys and would rather sit and read books than play with toys anyways. For this reason, our lovely librarian, Sam has ‘encouraged’ us to start going to the 2-3 year old toddler time where there are longer attention spans and more book reading.

Marin loves a room of adults that she knows. She gets very silly when she has an audience to entertain. Even with kids her age, one on one, she is very social – just not when there’s a big group.

Marin is in 3-4T which leads most people to think she is well beyond 2. I always joked that she’d be my volleyball player, but she has really gotten into the World Cup and her Daddy and Kuncle will happily encourage a love of soccer in her. I, on the other hand, just want her to be old enough for Girl Scouts already.

Marin and I probably kiss 50x a day. There’s a lot of hand-holding, kiss-giving, hold-you-ing, and cuddling going on over here. I’m eating it up since she will not be my ‘baby’ much longer. If BB #2 is insecure that I favor their older sister, they have an entire baby book dedicated to prove it. I constantly write in there ‘I’m so excited for your sister to have a sibling, but I’m so sad to lose this time with just her. Oh yes, and I’m excited to meet you too…’. Poor kid.

Marin on her couch trampoline.



Marin’s favorite craft is playdough and her favorite at-home activity is jumping on our beloved ‘breastmilk couch’ (it’s where I used to nurse Marin, and it shows…) so we take the seat off of it, and let her kill the over 40-year-old springs that remain. (Hint hint: Get this girl a trampoline for her birthday!).

Marin is now adamant about going up and down stairs on her own. She will allow me to hold her hand if I wait patiently enough for her to ask. This makes getting downstairs and into the car quite the trip most days.

Marin is not always a fan of me telling her we cannot do something – I get it, I love being an adult for a reason. One thing she does repeatedly is then go over a list of other people to rescue her, this is the typical order: “Daddy? Kuncle?…….Kyuhle?” Yes, apparently, Kyle Zornes made quite the impression. If you took her to a farm with sheep, you probably would too.

When Mike comes home and asks Marin what she did today, she will say “sheep”. We haven’t gone to the farm in about a month. She knows sheep say ‘baaa’, cows say ‘mooo’, and horse’s ‘nay’ – other than that, she tries to make up noises for different animals which are pretty funny.

Marin’s favorite song is the “Cleanup Song” we learned at playgroup. She loves to listen to Baby Einstein Pandora radio, especially with Mike, to dance in the afternoons. She is very picky about what songs are worth her moves, and will request that we skip songs frequently.



Digging for worms with Mommy while Daddy hides his clean hands behind the camera.




Marin loves to sit on the front steps and watch the cars (also, buses, trucks, and planes, puppies, and people walk by. She will plop down and ask someone to have a seat next to her to join. Once something is out of her view, she will raise her arms and ask “where’d it go?”. It’s by far her favorite question to ask us.

Next Wednesday, Marin is going to our ultrasound appointment with us. I’m trying to include her in as much sibling stuff as I can. Usually when it’s Thursday, and I get my BabyCenter weekly update, Marin and I will look at the baby, search Instagram for newborn pics, and watch some birth videos at breakfast. She claps everytime the baby is born, and is usually too impatient to wait, so I fast forward to that part. She is *obsessed* with babies, and I am hoping that she will be there when BB #2 arrives.

Marin hates messes – partly, because I hate messes. If she sees one, or makes one, she will quickly say ‘uh oh’ or ‘towel’ or start singing the Cleanup Song.

Marin loves water and does not discriminate on where it is. She will stop at every puddle she finds, she will scream “WATER!” when we go over a bridge, and I am hoping that she will love Florida as soon as we’re there in July. The ocean is just one giant puddle afterall.

Marin wakes up every morning and jumps in her crib with ‘paci’ and ‘monkey’. Even if she wants me in her room, she is not a fan of me getting her out immediately, so I just read on the couch in her room for a few minutes. I’ll then get her, and she will toss paci and monkey into her crib till naptime. We’ve told her that they’re sleeping so she will regularly say ‘shhhh!’ around the apartment to make sure we do not wake them. I thought I was a genius for coming up with this idea – that is, until Marin starting ‘shhh!’ crying kids at the park randomly. Again, we’re working on it…

Marin’s favorite book is “The 12 Days of Christmas of Louisiana”. She would literally ask for me to read it before naps and bedtime daily, but I’ve started hiding it from her for part of the day. She’s a better finder than I am a hider.

Marin has a love for bugs and creepy crawlers which I’m rather fond of. She blows worms kisses, pets frogs, and thinks that in real life, bees are actually ants. If she sees them in a book, she knows what a bee is. Weird.


4 thoughts on “21-month-old Marin

  1. Kelly DeLancett says:

    It has been just wonderful to read this and see these precious pictures! I see such a perfect mix of you and Mike in Marin! I love how she hates messes and yet loves looking for worms. I love that she loved babies too- that’s her sensitive loving nature coming out. This should serve you well here soon with BB. She looks more and more like a little girl- the baby Marin is quickly growing up. Since it seems she’s a lover of hugs and kisses, I will be readily available for all of the above come July. I cannot wait to see her- hold her and squeeze her. Everything Marin makes me smile!

  2. Kelly DeLancett says:

    P.S. I SO love seeing the pictures- and got a huge smile on my face when I saw the pictures of Mommy hunting for worms while Marin diligently watched. Talk about a flashback of Mommy finding roly-poly’s which her preschool class watched much to the teachers dismay. 😄

  3. Nancy Reddington says:

    I love reading about your little family and all the new discoveries! Can’t wait to see how Marin interacts with her baby brother or sister. She is so beautiful and your pictures are really awesome! While they are all great, I love the one of Mike carrying Marin on his back. He looks like he is thinking… Really Ashley, I just walked 5 miles up this hill, with Marin on my back, I’m sweaty and hot and tired and YOU want to snap ANOTHER picture! But he is a good egg and the picture is priceless! See Mike, Ashely does know what she is doing! Love you guys, keep the stories and pictures coming.

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