A First Trimester Comparison!

Well, it goes with out saying that there is probably a lot to update you all on! First, yes, before this blog post becomes terribly confusing, we’re expecting BB#2 late this November (or should I say early December?)! This has been such a different and somehow similar pregnancy for me simultaneously, and I thought I’d share some interesting first trimester comparisons between Marin and this kiddo just for fun (since we’re not finding out if we are having a boy or girl, it could influence your guess!):

Time took to conceive:
0 months with Marin vs. 6 months with BB #2. I recognize that it’s nothing to complain about when I have witnessed women very close to me struggle with infertility, but it felt like forever after it being so simple with our first pregnancy. I just stopped expecting that I’d get pregnant till I weaned Marin, and tried to focus on my hip injury and life with one child while it lasted. I seriously started to consider other options than having biological children to grow our family too. It worked out in many ways that I wasn’t pregnant when I wanted to be – two weddings, a cross-country road trip, Marin breaking her leg, etc. And now that it’s worked out the way I didn’t plan, I’m actually really, really glad and grateful for the timing of this pregnancy. For one, when my morning sickness began, fresh fruit was coming back and for second, it ended before grilling season (unlike MK when everything was out of season still and most dishes were hot and smelly, and therefore, repulsive). But for a more serious reason why, I just really feel like this is God’s perfect timing for us, and I can really have peace and rest in that.

Morning sickness:
With Marin, I felt awful from about 5 weeks to 14 weeks, and then got increasingly better till my morning sickness ended at 18 weeks. This child has been much kinder. I had bad night nausea from about 6 weeks to 11 weeks, but exclusively from 4 pm till bedtime. A lot of this I believe had to do with my lifestyle switch from busy professional to SAHM. With Marin, I hardly ate anything, had insanely long commutes (1.5 hr each way) with intense motion sickness and sensitivity to smells (which everyone smells on the T incase you’re wondering). I would barely eat before I left because I didn’t want to throw up, was on Reglan and Zofran, and would crawl into bed and lay there the second I got home from work. This time, I tried to make sure I ate often, and after taking a nap, would be the hardest since the long period without food would make me feel sick. At my 11 week appointment, my midwife strongly urged me to eat more protein, and as soon as I did, my morning sickness really started to plummet. I’m almost feeling 100% normal again at 13 weeks (but the second I don’t eat protein, it’s back to nausea). Butter and carbonated drinks give me insane heartburn this time too.

Fun fact: Both pregnancies were barf free.

Food aversion:
With both of my pregnancies, I quit eating meat as soon as I started to be funny with food, and had a special hatred for chicken and Chinese food. I allowed meat to re-enter my diet much sooner this time, but still had to physically adjust to having it in my diet again.

Pregnancy symptoms:
With Marin, I knew I was pregnant because I walked down the stairs and squeezed my arms against my chest and was sore for the first time ever. By the time I took the test, I was already convinced I was pregnant. For BB#2, I was in Florida when I was only 3 weeks pregnant, and had to pee CONSTANTLY (to the point of two family members even mentioning it!). By the time I was back in Boston, I had started having heartburn. With that and the obvious late period symptom, I again, had no doubt by the time I took a pregnancy test that I was indeed pregnant.

Fun fact: For both pregnancies, I took a pregnancy test too early that was negative. With both I had a gut feeling I was pregnant before I could know, and outside of those tests, never took a pregnancy test too early otherwise (I always waited till I was ‘late’) when I wasn’t actually pregnant.

For both pregnancies, Mike was the first to know. It’s not that I wouldn’t tell him first, but it’s a really big deal to him to know before anyone else. Last time, I told him on 12/7/11, the day I found out, by making an EPT ornament when we were decorating the tree. For this round, I told him the day after I took the test, so I could tell him on his birthday as one of his gifts. I’ve always felt that sharing your pregnancy with your husband is the closest thing you can do to a surprise proposal, and have loved getting to tell him vs. finding out together.
For family, I feel similarly. There’s only so many times you can really surprise aunts and uncles and Moms and Dads to the point of tears, dancing, screaming (in a happy way), etc. so I take full advantage of my pregnancies to do that. We announced on Christmas Day (just like my Mom did with me!) with Marin, and this time told them on FaceTime with Marin dressed in her “Some bunny is going to be a Big Sister” shirt. It’s not the same as in person, but we did get everyone’s reactions videotaped both times.

Energy level:
I’ll say this much – I have no idea how I was pregnant with Marin and never fell asleep on the T. Those commutes were so long andI was so tired all the time, that this pregnancy truly felt like a cake walk compared to her. I napped almost every single day from 4 weeks – 10 weeks and accomplished close to nothing around the house. Mike was much more prepared for the experience and was exceptionally helpful by the time he got home everyday with Marin, making dinner, and doing dishes. I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable the first trimester has been overall this go.

Anxiety level:
With Marin, I felt like a million bucks – I WAS HAVING A BABY! I couldn’t help but be elated because everything was a ‘learning experience’ and I felt forever grateful to partake in every single one. It was hard for me that I didn’t enter this pregnancy with the same attitude – to the point where I didn’t really want to tell a lot of people since I didn’t feel that excited about it. I was terrified of what this pregnancy could be because my hip still wasn’t 100%. Thankfully, Mike has been giving me very regular leg massages, I’ve been using my foam roller, and MuTu (works to develop core postpartum, but can use till 20 weeks pregnant) have been incredibly helpful at alleviating pain. It’s to the point where I can honestly forget about it, but it’s just easily aggravated so I am not doing any pivoting workouts or stretch-involved ones (even my pregnancy yoga DVD really messed with me so I stopped).

Physical level:
I am feeling awesome physically! My mantra for this pregnancy has been “I will not be defenseless”. It just kind of happened because I realized I needed to be on the offense vs. defense. I have prayed a lot over my hip and my body to help with fear, and have really prayed for a way to get a gym membership that would let me do spin and have childcare for Marin so I could go while Mike works. Well, I signed up with our Better Beginnings program with BCBS, and I found out I get a $150 fitness reimbursement with it! I tried out several gyms in our area, and Friday night signed up for a membership that will essentially be free for my whole pregnancy (it’s month-to-month, so after that I can cancel or continue), allows me to take a guest for free so Mike can come with (he can also take my pass and go without me as was suggested by their front desk), has spin classes 6 days/week, has free childcare, and is only $20.99/month! We got to go Saturday morning as a family, and having some kid-free workout time, is good for the soul. Seriously. So grateful to get all I’ve wanted out of this membership!

Birth plan:
I really, really debated about whether I’d have another home birth or not. I put my emotions on it all to the back burner, and tried to make the best financial decision for our family (since they’re not typically covered by insurance even though we are in the appeal process with BCBS), but I couldn’t. I saw our midwives, and it was game over for me. I quickly remembered that this is my lane, in the same way, that hospitals are for other women. I love home birth, I love our midwives, and I seriously can’t wait to do it again – hopefully, with a much more timely baby who’s in better position than their sister. I know why I chose this the first time, had no regrets because of what an outlier our pregnancy and birth were, and couldn’t imagine doing it differently if it was still something we could afford to do.

Fun fact: I’m currently talking to a journalist with the Boston Globe who is wanting to follow our pregnancy till birth to do a story on home births and their increasing popularity among pregnant women. How cool is that?! It would be an honor to help normalize something so near and dear to our heart and shed light on why this is a great option for normal pregnancies and births.

So that’s that. Let me know if you have any questions! Or guesses on the baby’s sex for that matter!


One thought on “A First Trimester Comparison!

  1. Kelly DeLancett says:

    First and foremost, have I said CONGRATULATIONS yet?!?! I must be the person you’re referring to here who was jumping up and down when you told us you were expecting BB # 2! :-)) It is a wonderful time for all! We are elated to meet our newest family member! So very cool too to have your pregnancy/home birth chronicled by a journalist! I love that! You have a great way of sharing information and this will give you an avenue to share your personal experiences and give others a chance to consider a home birth. It really is an exciting time for all of you!!! We love you all!

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