Mike’s Birth Story: Part l

Ashley came home from her final acupuncture appointment around 8pm. I had stayed late at work to finish a rendering job I was given earlier that day. I had been working late the past few days to make up for coming in late for the ultrasounds. Everything seemed normal to me. As usual I asked her how she felt, and I think she said she was a little crampy, but nothing serious. I later learned she had felt her first contraction leaving the acupuncturist, but I didn’t know that at the time. I think we watched an episode or two of Arrested Development, as we had several times over the past few weeks. We went to bed around 10:30p and I think I fell asleep quickly. Between now and 6a a lot happened but I had no idea because I was asleep. I woke up at 6am to find that Ashley was having contractions every 4-5 mins, and had been since 11p. She had been texting back and forth with Kelsey who couldn’t sleep knowing that Ashley was going into labor, but allowed me to sleep through the night so that I could be well rested to help her through labor.

This was huge! Seriously, huge. Labor ended up lasting much longer than we both anticipated, having all this sleep really helped me help her through labor.

So I woke up at 6a and was overall chill, but excited that things were getting going after so much anticipation. I was expecting everything to move very quickly because Ashley’s mother had quick labors. I started tracking her contractions on an app on my iPhone to see how long they were lasting and how regularly they were happening. Ashley had been texting Kelsey back and forth through the night [because neither could sleep from the excitement] so she headed over to help out with cleaning the apartment and getting it ready for birth. By 8am the contractions were happening about every 3-5 mins and lasting for a minute, so I called the midwives and we decided they should head on over. At this point I began calling all of our family to tell them that Ashley was in labor. This was a special moment for me to hear the different types of excited reactions [and advice] from everyone. We recorded as much of those conversations as we could.

The midwives arrived at about 9:30am, put their bags down in the living room and checked in on Ashley. They took her vitals, asked her a few questions, and assessed the situation. Then everything seemingly stopped. We waited around for a bit and the contractions continued, but they weren’t getting faster and they weren’t getting stronger. The midwives decided to go get lunch and suggested we go for a walk for as long as Ashley could stand it to try to get things moving a little. So we did. Kelsey and I went out with her with cameras and video, walking in circles around our small parking lot for almost an hour. To lighten the mood a little [as I always do] I started playing “Walk It Out.” Kelsey and I found it funny; Ashley not so much. We continued to walk around the lot and even waved up to Natasha who was standing in the window.

After the hour long walk, we went back inside to eat some lunch. I think the next few hours were uneventful, mostly because I don’t remember them. Around 2pm Ashley decided she wanted to take a shower to feel a little better. By this time she had already been up for about 30 hours straight, so to say she was tired would be an understatement. As she was about to get into the shower HER WATER BROKE! It kind of took us both by surprise to be honest. I was so concentrated on helping Ashley get around that I had forgotten her water could break. It was an encouraging moment in the day because it was the first sign of progress since labor started the night before. Sarafina checked the fluids to check for any signs of anything being wrong with the baby. There was a slight discoloration to it, which indicated Marin may have pooped a little inside the womb, but that was basically expected at 43 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Mike’s Birth Story: Part l

  1. Kelly Feeney says:

    Wonderful to hear the birth from your perspective. I love how you both put your thoughts and feelings together for this wonderful day! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s reacts too!!! Thank you for putting this tower for all of us!!! We love you!!!

  2. holly.bennett.54@facebook.com Bennett says:

    This was such a cool idea to have a blog ! It can help your family and friends understand more and be closer(especially to the ones who will have babies, after gaining insight from your blog! Love you both !

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